Monday, January 18, 2021

🎨"2021 Family Art Therapy Week 3" with Ms. Mandi, BSW🎨


A little history about Art Therapy: Art Therapy was discovered by a British Artist, Adrian Hill in 1942, while she was recovering from tuberculosis.

Art, either creating it or viewing others’ art is used to help people explore their emotions, develop a strong self-awareness, cope with stress, boost self-esteem, and work on social skills.

As the New Year 2021 takes off let’s try to THINK of how far we have come, the SUCCESSES we have made, and the DREAMS that have come true. We will look back and THINK about what we are THANKFUL for. These activities are to help us regroup as a family and work together while having fun with art. If you are in need of materials, please reach out to Ms. Mandi and she will ensure that you have what you need for the activities. I have included pictures of examples to give a clear idea of each project so you have a better understanding in case my directions aren’t very clear, but please feel free to be as CREATIVE as you’d like, as this is your family’s artwork. Let your IMAGINIATION run wild!!

Monday- Today we will need white paper, something to draw with (crayons, markers, colored pencils), yarn of any color, glue and scissors. Each member of your family with CREATE their own project for later discussion. First, we will draw the head as shown in the picture below. You can choose how detailed you would like to be with your drawing. Then, you are going to think of 5 things that are causing you stress or anxiety. You will list those on small strips of paper and paste them onto the head you drew (shown below). Then cut pieces of yarn and glue the end to the head. Once the glue is dry take the pieces of loose yarn and cover the head, covering the stressful words you wrote.

Sit down with your family and openly discuss the things that are bothering you, don’t keep them inside. This is a difficult time and it is very important to be supportive of each other and talk. This will help to build coping skills and lessen anxiety for you.

(PLEASE SEND YOUR CREATIONS TO ME AT WHEN YOU HAVE COMPLETED THIS PROJECT and please feel free to comment what worked and what didn’t work for your family.) 😊"#$%

Tuesday- Today we will be creating a Tree of Strength with our families. You will need a piece of paper, something to draw/color with. Choose one person in the family to trace their hand. Someone else can trace the hand, while leaving the tops of the finger areas open to add branches (there is a picture below to give a visual). Next, someone will draw leaves on your family’s tree. Together you will brainstorm and make a list of the positive things/strengths you have as a family. This can be things such as: food, house, love, parent’s job, vehicle, the support of each other, communication, etc. You will write these words inside of your leaves.

You can hang this in your home somewhere so when things get tough you can look back and see everything you have to be grateful for. This will also give you resources to help you cope with the stressful times.


Wednesday- Today you will need a sheet of white paper and thing to write/color with. We will be creating an Island for your Family. This will require you and your family to sit together and make a list of things that are important to your family. Things that if you were going to be alone on an island, you would want to take or make sure you were going to have there. For instance, you can list: them members of your family, your animals, your home, food, medicines, vehicle, books, etc. Once you have created your list, you can create your island. Draw a big island/circle, taking up the bottom half section of your page. Then you and your family can draw the items that you listed. Talk with your family about why these items are special to you and why you want to include them.



Today we will need paper, things to draw and color with, and if possible something to do research with. You and your family will research your Family Coat of Arms or Family Crest as some families call them. You will do this by using your last name. If you do not have a way to research, feel free to create your crest with your family based on your personal interests. Below are ideas and templates to help you with this project. Use your imagination and be as creative as you wish! Have fun with this!



It has been a full week of fun activities so we are going to close by doing some fun Yoga Art activities. Below is a template to show how to do Yoga. Please keep in mind that you can also go to Ms. Lacee’s Yoga link on to see her videos. You can practice these yoga techniques with your family and take pictures to upload. Remember yoga and breathing regulation skills helps to regulate your heart-rate, blood pressure, oxygen level, warms up your muscles, builds strength, boost metabolism, increases flexibility, and increases self-esteem.

(PLEASE SEND YOUR CREATIONS TO WHEN YOU HAVE COMPLETED THIS PROJECT) 😊"#$% You can also use to email your projects.

I hope you have enjoyed all of the fun this week!! Please share what you liked best and what you would like me to change for next time. If you have a fun idea, please let me know so that I can incorporate them into another fun activity for your family!

Thank you for your participation, Ms. Mandi

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