Tuesday, January 5, 2021

😊 Talk It Out Tuesday, Wk 16 🌈 Imagination, Imaginación for Jan, 5 2021

"I BELIEVE I CAN" is a tribute to the limitless potential of boys and girls of every background-all they need its to believe in themselves." (Book 11 of 13). The Morgan County Partnership's Positive Action SEL and Wellness Programs present "I BELIEVE I CAN" written by Grace Byers. From PBS, "This gorgeously illustrated book lets all kids know that, no matter their background, they can love and believe in themselves. “[My son] likes that it encourages you to do a lot of things and that anyone can do it.” -Alexandra, Parent of 6-year-old" Next, "easy questions to talk about the hard stuff!" FOR FAMILIES/CLASSROOM TEACHERS, HERE ARE STUDENT ACTIVITIES/DISCUSSION PROMPTS: Here are Violet's "LET"S TALK ABOUT IT!" questions: *"I Believe I Can" is an example of a positive self-affirmation thought! *Self-affirmations are a powerful tool to improve our health, help us overcome challenges, and make better choices. By thinking positive, YOU can control. your emotions and actions! *Let's practice - repeat after me! - There is no one better to be than myself. - I am enough. - I choose my own attitude. - My challenges help me grow. - I forgive myself for my mistakes. - I BELIEVE I CAN! MORE TO DO: To find out more about the author, Grace Byers, go to: https://thriveglobal.com/stories/empi... Presented weekly by the Morgan County Partnership's Positive programming, follow here: Subscribe to youtube.com/user/hottfamily6 Follow Instagram @positiveactions.mcp positiveactionsmcp.blogspot.com Free Mobile App from Apple Store and GooglePlay This week, we explore Positive Actions to choose for IMAGINATION to start a PAWsome 2021: 🎭 Dream BIG 🍎 Set Goals 🧩 Be amazing, be YOU! 🏡 Fail, and try again! πŸ„Work Hard, and πŸ—ΊChange the world! Listen to MoTo Monday to better understand the need for positive values in our communities, look for beautiful positive actions among your neighbors, expect it from your representatives. Your voice, your talents, your gifts matter! Why? Because YOU are unique, important, and wonderfully made, and remember.... "Your WELLNESS matters!" #race #diversity #positivevaluesnetwork

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