Monday, January 4, 2021

🍎 Moto Monday, Wk 16 😊 Imagination, Imaginación ⏰ Jan, 4 2021

Begin your day with these beautiful voices! PositiveValuesNetwork "Daily Dose of Positive Actions" to Motor-up your week! Grab the kids, tell a friend, change the world! Positive Action's Word of the Week is IMAGINATION and in Spanish, IMAGINACÍON. What IS the meaning of "IMAGINATION"? Discover this week on PositiveValuesNetwork with the Morgan County Partnership! This week, we explore Positive Actions to choose for IMAGINATION to start a PAWsome 2021: 🎭 Dream BIG 🍎 Set Goals 🧩 Be amazing, be YOU! 🏡 Fail, and try again! πŸ„Work Hard, and πŸ—ΊChange the world! Listen to MoTo Monday to better understand the need for positive values in our communities, look for beautiful positive actions among your neighbors, expect it from your representatives. Your voice, your talents, your gifts matter! Why? Because YOU are unique, important, and wonderfully made, and remember.... "Your WELLNESS matters!"

2021 Family Art-Therapy Week 1"
MONDAY - Today we are going to use a box or plastic container with a lid to make a time capsule. You will need things to decorate this box: Markers, stickers, colored paper, glue, glitter, crayons - anything your family would like to use. There are no limitations. Once you have your box decorated sit it to the side. Brainstorm with your family and choose a few mementoes, things that are valuable to you or they can be your treasures: special shells, anything our family wants to add. Remember to be respectful to your family members and their special items they've chosen. Lastly, complete the time capsule worksheet and put that inside the box. Each member of the family can complete one as your goals will be all be different. On New Years of 2022 you can open the box and read your letters. See how much you've changed as a family and as a person. What goals have you accomplished? What challenges have you conquered? Did you treat others with kindness??

Each time capsule will be unique to your family and specially made you you!!

To find the activities and see Ms Mandi's beautiful art:....
2) click on Materials
3) open "2021 Family Art Therapy Week 1"

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