Wednesday, January 6, 2021

🌿 🍎 Wellness Wednesday, Wk 16 πŸ˜ƒ Imagination, Imaginación for Jan, 6 2021

PositiveValuesNetwork shares WELLNESS WEDNESDAY and WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE POSITIVE ACTIONS! In the classroom, at home or work, and virtual school, all use Positive Actions to focus on community well being. PAWsitive Partners join us each Wednesday for a moment to focus on physical health by following School Therapist, Lacee Kidwell, in gentle stretches and mindfulness. Opposite weeks take a look at healthy eating for healthy bodies lead by WVU Extension Office Family Nutritionist, Amie Tutor. This week, we explore Positive Actions to choose for IMAGINATION to start a PAWsome 2021: 🎭 Dream BIG 🍎 Set Goals 🧩 Be amazing, be YOU! 🏡 Fail, and try again! πŸ„Work Hard, and πŸ—ΊChange the world! Looking for Positive Actions in your community? Mrs.Hott and Mrs Sheima are! We are finding beauty and caring people in your neighborhoods! Stay tuned for a journey looking for Positive Actions and see if YOU can guess "Where in the world are Positive Actions?" Enter YOUR guess by emailing Mrs. Hott at Emails will be entered to win weekly Morgan County Partnership Program Shirts! Subscribe to: On Instagram @positiveactions.mcp Subscribe to Youtube: Join the free APP on Apple Store and GooglePlay #PositiveValuesNetwork #RemoteWellnessLessons #SEL #socialemotionallearning

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