Moms of MoCo

Week of Aug. 28, 2017
Just a little poem to support all our moms new and old; because who doesn't feel this way, right? And, yes...for you moms with college children too:

Week of Aug. 21, 2017
Two words to change a child's day!  Take the "Nice Bucket Challenge" with your student (click link above) and follow the Moms of Morgan County as they meet for coffee talk in the kitchen here on this page!

HOW TO PARENT KIDS OF CHARACTER...coming with some Moms of Morgan County vlogs (and Korie Robertson's "Strong and Kind: And Other Important Character Traits Your Child Needs to Succeed":

Be Kind
Be Confident
Be Consistent
Be Loving
Be Truthful
Be Real
Be Unified
Be Creative
Be Intentional


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