Monday, January 25, 2021

🍎 Moto Monday, Week 19😊 Inclusion/Inclusión ⏰ Jan 25, 2021

Begin your week from remote school or classroom with this beautiful story when a boy shares art with his mother using Positive Actions to INCLUDE her in a touching moment! PositiveValuesNetwork "Daily Dose of Positive Actions" to Motor-up your week! Grab the kids, tell a friend, change the world! Positive Action's Word of the Week is INCLUSION and in Spanish, INCLUSIΓ“N. Take a look around and discover the role models near you, and the role model IN you too! Then, celebrate our beautiful differences this week! Positive Actions for to CELEBRATE INCLUSION and help change the world for this week's activity are: 🎨 LOVE 🏰 🧘🏽 UNITE πŸ’ πŸ““ HELPπŸ“• 😍. JOIN & WALK TOGETHER 🎸 🎒 KEEP GOINGπŸ—½ πŸ›  Change the World 🌎 πŸ—½DREAMπŸ—Ί Using Positive Actions, Values, Prevention, SEL, and Wellness to discover student's self concept, promote physical and intellectual wellness. #PositiveValuesNetwork #wellness #diversity

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