Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Self Esteem for Sept. 26, 2019Raise the Roof....

...on student assets!  

Where ALL students are UNIQUE and WONDERFULLY MADE!

Today is Raising Student Assets Thursday!

I am so excited to be back for Positive Actions today, September 26, 2019! Today we will take a look at raising student asset #38, which focuses on a PAWsitive core concept, "students like and is proud to be the person that he or she is!"  -- super important positive action:


Tell your teacher what you think the words "SELF ESTEEM" means.
* "confidence in one's own worth or abilities"
* "self respect"
* "placing value on one's own self"

Self Esteem.  What does that look like?    Well, watch today's "Sweet Cocoon" and see how sometimes after we conquer difficult circumstances, we can transform into beautiful results with hard work and Positive Actions. Watch today's video...

Now, let's talk!  

Now, let's answer these questions:
1)  Who had a positive thought? (the two friends?  the worm?)

2)  Which person did a positive action?

3)  Who has positive feelings at the end of this video?

4)  Describe the worm's self esteem?  Describe the butterfly's self esteem?

5)  Now, talk about YOUR self esteem.

Scholars that have a positive SELF ESTEEM
can change the world!

Here is a great website to learn how we can help make our earth more healthy...
check it out!
Energy Star Kids
Students YOUR age can make a difference in the future of our earth!  Look at this:
to our community too!

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