Monday, April 12, 2021

🎨"2021 Family Art Therapy Week 17" SHARING/COMPARTIR with Ms. Mandi, BSW🎨


This weeks projects are going to be related to the Positive Action Word of the Week- SHARING

A sharing person is generous and willing to share. If you are sharing, you are

glad to give things to others. To share something is to use it or enjoy it with

others, like when people share a cake at a birthday party, or you let a

classmate use a pencil.

Your projects can be uploaded and emailed to me at: OR

Please check the links on for other art therapy projects and Positive Action videos.


Materials: Your family members and sticks that you gather and decorate (or the game Pick up Sticks). You can go outside with your family and gather some small twigs. Make sure that the sides are smooth, and they are as straight as possible. You can be creative and paint them if you like to make your own set. Once they dry completely, you can play! You can also choose to paint Q-tips and allow them to dry as shown in the picture below.

To incorporate the word SHARING this week for Positive Actions, we are going to be playing some family games that involve taking turns.

With your family, you will sit around a table or on the floor, if you would like. You will gather all the sticks in one hand and gently let them fall in a pile. You will choose who goes first, and that person will attempt to remove a stick without moving any of the rest of the sticks in the pile. If they are successful, they get to keep that stick. Then, the next person will go. You will repeat this until the pile is gone. Whoever has the most sticks at the end wins the game. This is a game your family can play over and over, and you are sharing your time as a family and taking turns as well. This game will also teach the lesson of patience because it takes lots of patience to wait your turn and to give someone else the time they need to take their turn.

Tuesday- Project: FAMILY HOP-SCOTCH
Materials: Today you will need your family members, different colors of sidewalk chalk,

and a blacktop/concrete to create your game to play.

You and your family will decide what kind of pattern, picture, and colors you would like to use. You may choose to draw it beforehand in case you want to make any changes. There are many ways to create a Hop-Scotch game and there are a few pictures attached below for ideas.

Once your family decides the pattern you want to create, you can use your chalk and make your game board.

Finally, each member will take turns hoping on the game board.

Think about this “Why is it Important to Take Turns with Others?” “What Happens if you Don’t?” “How do You Grow as a Person, When You Take Turns?” Talk about this with your family.


Materials: Today you will need your family members, marbles or pom-poms, Choice of a bottle, colander, paper towel holder or toilet paper roll. You will also need sticks/skewers or straws or something to stick through to hold the marbles or pom-poms back. (These ideas are shown in the pictures below).

This activity is re-creating the Game “Ker-Plunk.”

Each member of the family will take a turn pulling a stick out, trying not to let the pom- poms or marbles fall through the container. You will repeat this process, each taking a turn, until the marbles or pom-poms fall through the holes. Whoever ends up with the most sticks, before the fall, wins.


Materials: You will need one dice (die), and then you will choose to either use an attached game board template or to create one with your family. If you choose to create your own, you will need heavy paper, things to color and draw with and your family members for ideas. Once you choose or create your template, you will decide what type of game you want to play: you can be creative and add candy to certain spaces, or things to win, you can add things like “go back 2 spaces,” “move forward 3 spaces.” Etc. Be creative with this and have fun with it! Each member will take turns rolling a die and moving their piece forward in the game. The winner is determined by who lands on END/FINISH first.

Materials: Plastic or wooden spoons, permanent marker, glue (hot glue gun would work

best for this, ribbon, yarn string, felt or material to use for clothes, and scissors.

As a family you will sit together and create the members of your family using the above- mentioned materials. You can even include your family pets, neighbors, close friends, or whoever is important to you. Once you have completed making each member, you can use them as puppets. Your family can write a play and act it out. Use your imagination with this activity and have fun with it as there are no limits.


Please Access for more links, videos, and art projects.

I hope you have a great weekend!! If you have a fun idea, please let me know so that I can incorporate them into another fun activity for your family!

Thank you for your participation, Ms. Mandi Knepper, MSW-intern

Each member takes a turn making a line to connect two dots. Whoever draws the last line to close a box will enter their first initial into that box. When finished, you will count the number of boxes you made (initials) and whoever has the most boxes wins!

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