Tuesday, April 13, 2021

πŸ“š Word of the week πŸ’š SHARING 🌈 in spanish 😊 COMPARTIR

The new Positive Value Word: SHARING, and in Spanish, COMPARTIR, as we learn all about our PHYSICAL, INTELLECTUAL, and EMOTIONAL WELLNESS. 😊 SharingπŸ’‘Compartir ⏰ means "to give something to anoher; also to use, occupy, or enjoy jointly with others." This Positive Action lesson helps with STUDENT SUCCESS and Standards! Positive thoughts, actions, and feelings to develop EMOTIONAL WELLNESS with that "good ole GOLDEN RULE" for 😊 SharingπŸ’‘Compartir ⏰ πŸ˜€ Use nice wordsπŸ€“ 🧠 Make others feel goodπŸ“• 😍 Use KIND actions🎸 😍 Help others♥️ πŸ₯° Look for others that have a needπŸ’— 🧘🏽 Give if you are ableπŸ’ πŸ›  Change the World 🌎

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