Monday, March 8, 2021

🍎 Moto Monday, Week 25 😊 Kindness - Amabilidad ⏰ March 8, 2021

Begin your week from remote school or classroom with PositiveValuesNetwork "Daily Dose of Positive Actions" to Motor-up your week! Grab the kids, tell a friend, change the world! Take a look around and discover the role models near you, and the role model IN you too! Then, celebrate our beautiful differences this week! The new Positive Value Word: KINDNESS, and in Spanish, AMABILIDAD, as we learn all about our PHYSICAL, INTELLECTUAL, and EMOTIONAL WELLNESS. Positive Actions to develop EMOTIONAL WELLNESS with that "good ole GOLDEN RULE" for KINDNESS are: πŸ˜€ SMILEπŸ€“ 🧠 SHAREπŸ“• 😍.CARE 🎸 🧘🏽 SERVE OTHERSπŸ’ 🌻 HELPπŸ“š 🎨.BE NICE 🎸 πŸ›  Change the World 🌎 Providing evidence based curriculum for K-12 to promote positive actions, wellness, mental health, prevention, and positive choices leading to student achievement; for online, in the classroom, virtual/remote learning, and more! Talking about emotions and connecting with others is a positive action. Celebrating our uniqueness and build relationships based on our diversity! Weekly Positive Actions are available for grades k-12! Subscribe to: Daily Dose: On Instagram @positiveactions.mcp Subscribe to Youtube:​​​​​​​​​ Join the free APP on Apple Store and GooglePlay #PositiveValuesNetwork​​​​​​​​​ #SEL​​​​​​​​​ #MentalHealth​​

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