Monday, March 29, 2021

🎨"2021 Family Art Therapy Week 13" HUMILITY/HUMILIDAD with Ms. Mandi, BSW🎨


This week’s projects are going to be related to the Positive Action Word of the Week- HUMILITY

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Please check the links on for other art therapy projects and Positive Action videos.

Monday- Project: HUMBLE BEE

Today you will need: one large sheet of paper (blue or white will work best), yellow, black, light blue and white paper, scissors, a glue stick, and a black marker. There are several different ways to create your bees. There are several ideas attached in pictures below.

Your family members will each make their own Humble-Bee. You can name him/her if you would like. While creating your bee, hold a conversation with your family about why it is so important to be humble.

To be a humble person means that you are not arrogant, modest, do not brag or boast about yourself, you have a positive attitude and personality, you accept your flaws, is grateful to others, and takes responsibility for your actions. Why are these things important to being a good human being?


Today we will be using: a piece of heavy paper like construction paper or cardboard, tissue paper of different colors (tear into small squares and set aside), glue stick, string/ribbon and scissors. Your family members will each make their own heart to display in your home once they are completed. While you are completing your project, your family will discuss why it is important to have a humble heart. Why is it important to accept others, to be kind, to have a positive attitude and personality? How do others respond around you when you are modeling humble behaviors?

You will begin by taking the heavy piece of paper, cut out a large heart, cut out the center of the heart while leaving about 1 inch to 1.5 inches around the edge. Throw the center away. Then take the squares of tissue paper, glue them gently together, overlapping them, to fill in the center of the whole (as shown in the picture). Once you have filled in the center with the tissue paper, you can make a small hole in the top (boarder) and place a string, ribbon or yarn so you can hang your heart in a window. You can design your heart however you would like. The Sun will shine through the tissue paper in the heart and make a reflection onto the wall. Think of this concept when you think of humility. When you are humble, you are reflecting a positive image onto others around you. Why is it important for others to see you being humble and positive? How may this affect them?

Wednesday- Project: HUMBLE PIE

To make a HUMBLE-PIE you will need a round paper plate, scissors, ruler, pencil, popsicle sticks, cotton balls, crayons or markers, and glue. You can choose different items to decorate your pie as these are suggestions shown in the pictures attached.

Once your family decides what materials you want to use, make a list of what each item represents. For example: the crust = the human body, the filling = personality, the candy = helping others and so on. Each item on your pie will represent a characteristic of being humble that is important to your family.

Discuss with your family why the pie is important. How do the pieces of the pie fit together? Why are they each important? What happens if there is an item missing or not included? What kind of person would you be if there were missing parts of your humble- pie?

Thursday- Project: BE HUMBLE WHILE YOU DREAM!!
Today, with your family, you will be designing and making Humble Dream Catchers.

There are 2 Options for this project:

Option 1- Each member of your family will need a large sheet of paper, a large/round bowl and a small bowl to trace around, a pencil and something to color with and a ruler to make straight lines. You will place the large bowl towards the top of the paper, and trace around it. Then, you will place the small bowl in the center of the large circle you just made. You will then use a ruler to create 5-6 sections between the small circle and the large circle as shown in the attached picture below. In each section that you created, you will think of a symbol to place in each section. The symbol should represent a word that means humility to you. Be creative in choosing your symbols and colors. You will draw 5-6 feathers below the large circle you created and connect them with a straight line to represent string or yarn. The words that you associated with the symbols you chose, will now be placed inside your feathers you drew.

Option 2- Use a paper plate, yarn, single hole punch, feathers, beads, and scissors to make a hanging dream catcher. You will cut out the center of your paper plate, making a hole. Leave about 1 1⁄2 inches around the edge. Use the single hole punch and make holes around the edge spacing them out about an inch apart. There is a picture attached to show an example of this. You will then loop your yarn around from one hole to the next (across the plate/not side to side) making the netting for the dream catcher. You can attach beads in the center as you go for decoration. Once you have looped all the holes you will tie off your yarn and cut the end. You will then attach your feathers to the bottom using yarn. You can use a stapler/tape or glue if you would like or you can make a few more holes with the single hole punch and tie them there. You can add beads to feather yarn as well.

Lastly, you will sit with your family members and think about what each item on your dream catcher means to you when you think of the word humility. For example: The plate could represent the whole body, the yarn could represent the mind, and so on. Then discuss how those parts are associated with humility.

If there were missing parts to your dream catcher, what kind of person would you be? Would you be humble, caring, kind? Would you portray a positive image? What would others see if those parts were missing?

Meaning behind the dream catcher-

The dreamcatcher is a protective object that is used to protect people from nightmares and

bad dreams by the Native American people. Native American cultures believe that both

good and bad dreams fill the air at night. The dreamcatcher acts like a spider's web by

trapping the bad dreams or visions while allowing the good ones to filter through, resulting

in more pleasant sleep.


You are in the same BOAT as everyone else. We are all struggling with life’s chaos right now, so it is extra important to be kind, humble and caring towards everyone. Try to be supportive, helpful and understanding.

To complete this project, each person in your family will need sheets of paper, scissors, and the instructions on how to fold the paper to create a boat.

Once each person has created a boat, you can attempt to race them. You can use a bathtub, the river, stream, or whatever access to a waterway you may have. You and your family can discuss who won the race, why they won, what factors helped the winner? Then discuss how to be humble when you lose vs when you win. Why is this important?


Please Access for more links, videos, and art projects.

I hope you have a great weekend!! Enjoy the SNOW!! If you have a fun idea, please let me know so that I can incorporate them into another fun activity for your family!

Thank you for your participation, Ms. Mandi

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