Monday, March 22, 2021

🎨"2021 Family Art Therapy Week 12" with Ms. Mandi, BSW🎨


This weeks projects are going to be related to the Positive Action Word of the Week- RESPECT


Your projects can be uploaded and emailed to me at: OR

Please check the links on for other art therapy projects and Positive Action videos.


Today you will need: Option 1- (1) Large sheet of paper, paint and a black fine tip marker. Your family members must all be present to make this project successful as you will be using their handprints and ideas.

Option 2: (1) Large sheet of paper, construction paper of different colors, glue, scissors, markers, and your family members to brainstorm ideas.

You will talk with your family to figure out what you do within your family to establish rules of respect. How do you show your family members respect? What is acceptable, what is not? You can choose to make a list and then fill in your handprints or flowers with your ideas. Talk openly with your family members about how you appreciate them when they respect you and your feelings. Then discuss how you feel when you are not respected. How can you work together to build each other up and improve your skills?

On your flowers or handprints, you will write: How do you maintain RESPECT within your family and household?

Respect is treating others the way you want to be treated, being considerate

and honoring the feelings, opinions, and property of others. Self-respect is being good to

yourself and not putting yourself down, taking care of yourself. Self-discipline is

making responsible choices in what you say and do to reach my personal goals.

Tuesday- Project: Creating a Family “RESPECT” Motto and Image

You will be working together to come up with a catchy phrase, or motto to reflect how your family feels about respect within your home. This should also reflect how your family members treat others in your community. You will need paper, markers or crayons, and a pencil. You will collaborate with your family members to come up with a Motto. I am attaching a few ideas but want you to be creative in making one up on your own. It is especially important during times like this to respect each other and be open-minded. Once you have created your Motto, you will then create an image to go along. Please be creative!


You and your family will be creating respect bubbles. You can make one for your whole family or each member can choose to make their own. In each bubble you will write one thing to describe how you like others to treat you when they are being respectful of your needs and desires. For example, you can write things like being kind with your words when you talk to me, help me by holding the door when you see me coming, help with my chores or homework, being supportive with my choices etc. Once you have filled in each bubble, you will then design your bubbles. You can draw pictures to show what you wrote or randomly color them; you can create patterns as well.


Today we will be creating posters of ways that your family respects Mother Earth. You can use whatever your family has on hand to create this project: poster board, cardboard, construction paper, crayons, markers, colored pencils, watercolors, pastels etc.

You can draw things such as recycling cans and plastic, picking up trash in your community and around your home, cleaning up local streams and rivers, planting trees, carpooling with friends and family to lessen pollution, turning off the water when you are not using it, fixing leaky pipes, using recycled items, or whatever your family may do to save the planet. There are no limitations. Then, you will talk with your family about why it is so crucial to respect the Earth.

What does Mother Earth do for you?


Today I would like for your family to think of ways that you can help others in your community. If you happen to be out, you can open/hold the door for other people, you can return a cart for someone while at the store, carry books for a friend at school, help a neighbor to get their groceries in, check on the elderly, take out their trash or get their mail, bake a pie and take to someone in the neighborhood, or ask a friend how you can help.

You will create a TITLE for your drawing and then illustrate your family RESPECTING the Earth.


Please Access for more links, videos, and art projects.

I hope you have a great weekend!! Enjoy the SNOW!! If you have a fun idea, please let me know so that I can incorporate them into another fun activity for your family!

Thank you for your participation, Ms. Mandi

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