Friday, August 25, 2017

Cougars that the Restrooms! 8/30/17

...where ALL students are UNIQUE and Wonderfully Made!


Welcome to your 2nd week of the new school year!  

I am so excited to be back for Positive Actions today, August 30th!  We are going to continue to spend some time taking a Cougar Crawl around Warm Springs Intermediate School this week to take a look at our rules and ways in the school hallways, cafeteria, and restroom, and more.

First, let's watch today's Positive Actions Video Vlog from Mrs. Hott:

Oh my goodness!!!  That's the first time Mrs. Hott has had to enter the Boys Restroom!  But to tell you the truth, sometimes BOTH the girls AND boys restrooms have seen negative actions.

Did you notice any negative choices these students made?  Think about what you saw that was NOT a caring school community, then raise your hand and share with your teacher. (If you want or time permits, "pause and talk".  If you  have already encountered this negative behavior, rewind the video and stop at a point that illustrates something that may have been witnessed - "pause". Then, "talk" about how to change the behavior to a Positive choice).

How can these students show that they CARE about our Cougar Community?  (kindness, use manners, don't make a mess, no throwing paper or water, etc....)

When students use Positive Actions and Choices, who has a Positive Feeling?  (the student, the teacher, our parents/family, Mr. Eric, Mr. Todd -the janitors, Mr. Cable)

Next, let's all look at the.... 
WSIS Cougar Ways for the Restroom!

Let's read together then tell your teacher:
Why is it a Positive Action to follow the Cougar Way in our hallways? (pause for discussion)

Who can we help when we follow the Cougar Way in the restrooms?
(pause for discussion)

Let's close today with the Positive Action Theme Song!  On your feet Caring Cougars, push in your chairs, make a space that is safe,...and ready to be positive!

See you tomorrow for Raising Student Assets!

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