Friday, August 18, 2017

GO! Cougars! Teacher Team Friday Message

LOOK!  I LOVE this!!!!  And thank you Ms. Boyles for sharing this on Facebook! 

Here is my email:
Here is my cell:  304-582-8696

If you ever have a need, idea, suggestion, just let me know.  The Morgan County Partnership wants to be here for each of YOU as you begin the new school year!  

NEW IDEA!  Do YOU have a "paw"sitive story to share that will inspire students, teachers, or our community?  Kinda like Ms. Boyles meme I saw on Facebook this morning?  Just let me know and we will deliver YOUR "paw"sitive message via our new vlog site:
Meet the Team!
I just wanted to let you know how much fun it was to see everyone at yesterday's Positive Action seminar!  Thank you all for helping me feel welcome...I was super nervous!  (Especially when Mr. Cable said that the School Board and new Superintendent may be there too!)

It has been my pleasure preparing our Community Character Ed program for each of you.  As a new pilot endeavor, your ideas are also super important (you guys are all WAY cooler than I!) helps us develop this site to fit the needs of Warm Springs Intermediate School.  
Let's make it "paw"sitive together!  Like this.......

Ms. Hoover with her value wall:  Kindness!

So.... GO COUGARS!  Enjoy your final weekend of summer!  And, I'll find you back here via video on Monday Morning with your classes for Positive Action!

Psssst....and, don't forget to check out a tool I left for you in the Teacher Toolbox!  Click "hope" - or just "play" in the video box!

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