Tuesday, July 7, 2020

"All Are Welcome" PBS Race & Diversity Book Series from Morgan County Pa...

(Book 1 of 13). The Morgan County Partnership's Positive Action program presents "All Are Welcome" By Alexandra Penfold; illustrated by Suzanne Kaufman, for a series of stories on Race & Diversity. "All are welcome at this school where diversity is celebrated and songs, stories, talents, and traditions are shared." See a beautiful story unfold before your eyes then join Mrs. Hott for "Let's Talk About It" discussion questions suitable for all ages, at home and in the classroom too. For more on Positive Actions, health, and community wellness, follow the Daily Dose at positiveactionsmcp.blogspot.com; Instagram @positiveactions.mcp; youtube.com/user/hottfamily6; and get the free mobile APP from AppleStore and GooglePlay. #JoinMCPapp

From PBS:
Apply in the Classroom
Start the school year off right when you welcome students and families with books and reading fun! When you share All Are Welcome, you deliver the important message that school is the place where every child is welcome. Follow the example in this book and host a community-building, back-to-school event that opens opportunities for talking about diversity, how we can learn from each other, and how we can have fun together even if we are different. Include a reading aloud of All Are Welcome at a back-to-school potluck picnic along with:

students and parents making welcome banners to decorate your school
a photo booth with props that say “welcome” in all the major languages spoken in your community
an opportunity for families to sign up for a public library card.

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