Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Talkin' Tuesday, Week 36, LOVE, w/Ms Hiles

...where ALL students are UNIQUE and Wonderfully Made!

Today is TALKIN TUESDAY where we see that our school family of teachers, staff, and administrators care 
about the students in
Morgan County Schools!

And, where we will take a Positive moment each week to 
"Talk It Out"
and discuss important student issues.

We are so excited to be back for Positive Actions today, May 12, 2020! For each "Teacher Talkin' Tuesday" in Positive Actions, we will meet members of our school family community that care about YOU!

Here is today's video vlog with our special guest from Widmyer Elementary, Ms. Tama Hiles.  Watch this:

Now, for your BRAIN TALK fun, watch this cool stuff bet you didn't know about your brain, and understand your thoughts, actions, & feelings:

That was fun! Next, it's time for Family Art:
Tuesday- 5/12- Today we will need twigs/popsicle sticks, and markers or crayons. With your family create a house. (take a nature walk together and collect items for your “house” creation.” Keep in mind that smaller sticks work well. You are free to build a house of your choosing. It can be very small, very large, a castle, a few houses together to create a town etc. Use your imagination!! There are no rules other than you must use twigs/sticks and glue. If available, a hot glue gun works best for this project.  (PLEASE SEND YOUR CREATIONS TO ME amanda@morganpartnership.org WHEN YOU HAVE COMPLETED THIS PROJECT) 😊 

YOUR student assets are what will help you succeed here at school and as you grow up.  When we learn more about each other, it helps to create a caring school climate, which is an essential external developmental asset. 

So, guess what that means?!  We want to learn more about YOU too!  For Positive Actions each Tuesday, you will have the opportunity to share something new about yourself, and since we have a break from school, share it with your family.  It is "Talk It Out Time!"  

Here is what we want you to do.  I will give you a completely different question each Tuesday, and you will share with your family and friends something brand new or unknown about yourself!  If you want, maybe you can ask your parent to DoJo your answer to your teacher OR you can email us at angie@morganpartnership.org.  

So, for today's "Talk It Out," are you ready?  Here is our discovery question:
"What do you LOVE about being home?"

I'll go first.  Hi!  My name is Mrs. Hott.  What I LOVE about being home is not feeling as rushed.  Sure, sometimes I miss being out and about, seeing people and family; but it's actually been kinda relaxing to be home.  And, occasionally there are frustrations, like whose turn to do the dishes, but mostly I really enjoy time with Dannypoo and our kiddos.

We all have more time at home now, right?  Sometimes, we may not really LOVE being home?  That's ok too; we just need to talk it out, right?
YOUR turn!  
"Talking it out" starts with one student at a time...and that is.....

Morgan County Scholars who
can change the world!

Here is tonight's "Tucked-In Tuesday!" @ 7pm

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