Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Warm Springs Intermediate School VIRTUAL TOUR 2020: Meet our 3rd Grade F...

If you are one of our MoCo 2nd graders, we thought you may be wondering where to go when you get to Warm Springs Intermediate next year. So, Mrs. Sheima and I created a "WSIS Walk-a-bout" featuring our WSIS COMMUMITY of third grade fabulous teachers! From the pick-up line to the gymnasium, join us for a little walk-about, and discover where your future teacher's classrooms are located, lunch is served, or....even where outside recess is! Listen to current 3rd graders share "words of wisdom" about all the exciting and fun times they have learning at Warm Springs Intermediate School. And, if you are feeling a little nervous about the change, just log on to our Positive Action YouTube Channel over the summer and watch again! (You can message us anytime!). Here we go......!
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