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Makin' Music Monday - Sept. 25, 2017

...where ALL students are UNIQUE and Wonderfully Made!

Welcome to Positive Actions Community Character Vlogs!  Today is Monday, September 25th.  Mrs. Hott is SUPER excited to share Positive Actions with Morgan County students because today, and each Monday, we will be having "Makin' Music Mondays!" 

Before we continue, Mrs. Hott wanted to share that I will miss our 3rd and 4th graders today in the "Cougar Den" Positive Action Classroom.  I am super sorry; but today I am in Baltimore with my "Dannypoo".  This is he (see....I told you he was adorable)!

Today, he has a very important appointment with Dr. Fishman.  In case I have not told you, Dannypoo has a chronic illness called Parkinson's Disease, (the same as Michael J. Fox). His neurologist (that's a brain doctor) told him that Mrs. Hott needed to be with him because they will be discussing his evaluation to get a DBS, which stands for Deep Brain Stimulator. It looks like this: 

Pretty cool, right!?  Here is Dr. Fishman.  He is a super positive neurologist that will help Dannypoo's brain:

Kinda nerdy looking right?  Well, he is just that and Dr. Fishman is super smart too.  So, thank YOU all for understanding why Ms Sheima and I are absent today.  And, we hope you enjoy singing with us for our morning's Community Vlog!  Here we go:

Did YOU know that "the way we think about ourselves controls how happy, healthy, and successful we will be"?  In Positive Actions this year, we will discover that we each have beautiful, unique characteristics that are all important and valuable to our Cougar Community here at school, and at home.

In our Positive Actions classroom time in the Cougar Den for this week, we will be answering the question "Am I UNIQUE?" while discovering our self concepts.  

Also this week, we will talk about the positive values "RESPECT and  HEALTHY HABITS" for our Community Cougars that Care!  

Now, once again on Making Music Monday, it is time to review our new Positive Action song.  For today, we will watch the demo again with Mrs. Hott and Levi.  Do you remember any of the words?  Try to sing along...and please, sing louder than Mrs. Hott. Look for new friends from our Morgan County community joining us for:


I can be kind
And caring too
For others and for me
It’s the right thing to do
I know that my home, school, and community
Have people who care about me

I know I am unique
There’s only one like me
Filled with valuable qualities
I’m made wonderfully

When I get up for school
I think of that Golden Rule
Treating others just and fair
Will show students I care

Be nice, be kind, be strong
We all want to get along
To make today the best
To all, I show respect

Positive Actions, I will choose
Helping others and my school
Get us all to reach our goals
With safe, responsible roles

We are all Cougars that Care
At school, at home, and play
Students can change the world
Beginning with today

Yay!  Thanks for listening!  And, if time today, play again and try to sing along....because coming soon to WSIS (drum roll please.....):
Our very own school ukuleles!  Here they are!  From Black Cat Music Shop and our Morgan County Partnership, 25 ukuleles of "delicious" colors will soon be ready!  After Levi helps me get them all tuned, we will have them all here by Oct. 9th.  Aren't they PAWSOME!

Begin every day with Positive Actions:

Get Ready for a POSITIVE school week...filled with students who show RESPECT and HEALTHY HABITS!

Cougars that RESPECT others
can change the world!

On your feet, push in your chair, find a safe space, it's time to sing the Postive Action Song!

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