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Cougars that Care...Computer Lab! 9/5/2017

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I am so excited to be back for Positive Actions today, September 5th!  We are going to continue to spend some time taking a Cougar Crawl around Warm Springs Intermediate School this week to take a look at our rules and ways in the school computer lab and at recess.

Now that we have been back to school for two weeks, let's all begin today by reviewing the Cougar Ways in the Classroom.  As we watch what happens, I want you each to hold up a finger for each time you recognize a "negative" action.  How many will you find? Here is the vlog:

Good job! many "negative" actions did you notice?  At the end of the vlog, we heard some of the Cougar Ways for our school that help us to illustrate a caring school community.  Who can help name some "POSITIVE" classroom rules?  (allow time to discuss and review classroom rules, also repeating any in your classroom that may need additional attention)

For today, we will review the...
WSIS Cougar Ways for the Computer Lab!

Let's read together then tell your teacher:
Why is it a Positive Action to follow the Cougar Way in our Computer Lab? (pause for discussion)

Who can we help when we follow the Cougar Way in the Computer Lab?
(pause for discussion)

Let's close today with the Positive Action Theme Song!  On your feet,...and ready to be positive!

WSIS Cougars that follow Positive Actions today
can change the world tomorrow!

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