Saturday, September 2, 2017

Cougars that Care... at Recess! 9/6/2017

...where ALL students are UNIQUE and Wonderfully Made!


I am so excited to be back for Positive Actions today, September 6th!  We are going to continue to spend some time taking a Cougar Crawl around Warm Springs Intermediate School this week to take a look at our rules and ways. For today, we will go OUTSIDE FOR RECESS on our Positive Action Vlogcast! YAY! See if YOU can recognize where our children are today...maybe you've been here too!

Here is the vlogcast from Mrs. Hott:

Let's all continue by checking out our 
WSIS Cougar Ways for RECESS!

Let's read together then tell your teacher:
Why is it a Positive Action to follow the Cougar Way during Recess? (pause for discussion)

Who can we help when we follow the Cougar Way in the Recess?
(pause for discussion)

Before we close, let's consider why our school community wants us to follow the Cougar Ways around school, inside and out.  What do you think is the reason Mr. Cable, Ms. Miller, and our teachers want YOU to use all the "Cougar Ways" we have seen here on the vlogcast? (Explore possible answers from students at this time...and please add - if it doesn't come up - that following the Cougar Ways helps us to be safe, prevents accidents and injuries, encourages cooperation, are exercises that show we care, and utilize positive actions, etc...and when followed, makes our school a "caring cougar community!")  

When we are able to get along today as students, we will be helping build the foundation for caring communities tomorrow when we are grown ups!

Let's close today with the Positive Action Theme Song!  On your feet,...and ready to be positive!

WSIS Cougars that follow Positive Actions today
can change the world tomorrow!

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