Thursday, May 27, 2021

❤️ Thankful Thursday, Wk 36 🥳 Comunnity, comunidad May 27, 2021

Here is the final THANKFUL THURSDAY of the 2020-21 School year! Check out our value word:  COMMUNUTY/COMMUNIDAD! And, connect this summer with Positive Actions! 

🍎COMMUNITY💡COMMUNIDAD🥰🥰  is "a positive feeling of fellowship with others resulting from sharing common falues; a group of people living in the same place (home), frequent the same place (school/work), or from the same area (community/town/state, etc)"  This Positive Action lesson helps with STUDENT SUCCESS and Standards!  Positive thoughts, actions, and feelings to develop EMOTIONAL WELLNESS with that "good ole GOLDEN RULE" for 🍎COMMUNITY💡COMMUNIDAD🥰

😀 Love🤓
🧠 Integrity, Responsible📕
😍 Courtesy, Patience🎸
😀 Fairness, (Equity), Thankful🤓 
🧠 Sharing, Honesty📕 
😍 Kindness, Respect🎸 
🗣Humility, Caring♥️  
🛠 Change the World 🌎

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