Friday, May 28, 2021 ACTIVITY Week 36 🍎 COMMUNITY💡COMMUNIDAD🥰

Grab your friends and family! Keep looking for positive actions in your COMMUNITY/COMMUNIDAD this summer!

Providing character and value building education today to help make healthy choices for success and caring communities tomorrow. The Morgan County Partnership provides Positive Actions programs, Values, Prevention, SEL, and Wellness to discover student's self concept, promote physical and intellectual wellness. Bringing siblings together with Positive Actions Activities on (print-outs available under "materials" TAB LAB online)
This video includes:
*Weekly Positive Actions Activity w/Ms Sheima for🍎 COMMUNITY💡COMMUNIDAD🥰
*Family Art Therapy w/Ms. Mandi 🍎 Golden Rule VALUES🍎 COMMUNITY💡COMMUNIDAD🥰

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