Monday, February 22, 2021

🎨"2021 Family Art Therapy Week 8" with Ms. Mandi, BSW🎨


This weeks projects are going to be related to the Positive Action Word of the Week-

Your CREATIONS can be uploaded and emailed to me at: Please check the links on for other art therapy projects and

Positive Action videos.

Monday- Project: Marshmallow & Spaghetti Tower

Today we will be creating a tower with marshmallows and spaghetti. You will need 10 regular sized marshmallows and 10 pieces of regular spaghetti. (If you use thin, it will be more CHALLENGING). You are welcome to try that if youd like. Your family’s CHALLENGE is to work together to make the tallest creation you can in 5 minutes. You are allowed to break the spaghetti and pull apart the marshmallows if needed but remember you only have the materials you listed so once you break or tear them, they can’t be fixed and you cant get new. Brainstorm with your family to come up with a workable plan ahead of time. It may also help to draw your design before you start to build to see if you want to make changes. Look at a clock and allow 5 minutes to build. You can do this several times and compare what worked and what didnt work. Through trial and error, you will learn that not everything always works out 100% with the first attempt. It may

take a few tries before you get something how you want it. KEEP TRYING!! Just remember to start with fresh materials each time and brainstorm beforehand. How did your family work together as a team to problem solve this project? Take pictures and upload them or send them to the email below. I am excited to see how CHALLENGING your ideas are.

(PLEASE SEND YOUR CREATIONS TO ME AT WHEN YOU HAVE COMPLETED THIS PROJECT and please feel free to comment what worked and what didn’t work for your family.) 😊

Tuesday- Project- Drawing Yourself & a Family Member

Today we are going to need white paper, a pencil to sketch, a ruler and a small mirror. You will sit with your family members around a table. Each person will choose someone’s face to sketch. Sketch the details of their face and hair. You can add color if you would like. Then, each person will sit with a mirror and sketch their own face.

HINT: Use the ruler to CREATE sections on your paper (like a tic-tac toe board over the outline of the face before you start to sketch). This makes the face easier to sketch because you tend to break the picture down into sections instead of one huge sketch.

Analyze your picture after: What expression did you choose to draw: happy, excited, sad, angry, scared? Was it more CHALLENGING to sketch your family member or yourself? Why do you think so? We typically see the flaws in ourselves more than in others. Keep in mind, we are all special and UNIQUE. Be KIND to yourself and sketch the positive you see.

Below is a face template for you to print if you would like an outline.


Wednesday- Project: Inch-Worm Race

You will need paper, scissors, a straw, a flat surface and your family members. You will need all things listed for a successful race! Each person in your family will make an inch- worm by drawing the outline, cutting it out, and then folding it into even sections (like an accordion or paper fan). This will help the worm to move across the surface. You can decorate your inch-worm if you’d like. Then your will find a flat surface, line up your inch worms evenly, put the straw in your mouth and blow air over the inch-worm to make it move. Which worm got to the finish line first? Did the length of the worm matter? Did the added decoration cause a difference in weight and cause the worm to slow down or did it help to push the worm along? Challenge to see if the more force you use, moves the inch worm faster or does this create an issue by flattening the worm to the surface? What helps and what doesn’t? You can repeat this to see who wins the race and to see what works and what doesn’t work. What did you change the second time, about your inch-worm or your method, to problem solve the issues that weren’t working?


Thursday- Project: Paper Heart Weave

We will be weaving a paper heart today. You will need different colored paper, a pencil, scissors, a ruler if you have one and your family members. Everyone should have materials and each person should create a heart. If you dont have a ruler, you can use the flat edge of a book. This will help to create even sections. There is a template to trace if you need one, or you can print this and use it. Using different color construction paper makes the heart weave stand out more.

You will fold a piece of paper in half, use your pencil and draw an arch to make a heart. Then you will use your scissors to cut along the line you drew. Open it up to make sure you made a heart (lay that aside for now). You will then cut thin strips of paper that are different colors (and put them to the side). You will take your heart that you cut out, fold it in half on the line where it was folded previously. You will use your ruler to draw lines across your heart from left to right or up and down. Using your scissors, very carefully, cut on the lines with leaving 1⁄2 inch at the end to not cut your heart apart. You will then open your heart, and weave the strips of paper through the sections you created by going over and under. The next row, you will rotate in the opposite direction to give the weave affect. There is a template attached for your use and a picture to show you what we are creating.

Was it CHALLENGING to weave the paper? Were you able to create your heart? What was the hardest about this project? Did you find it fun, easy?

When you have completed your heart, you can choose someone in your family to gift it to.




Today you will need paper, paint, and old combs that you dont plan to use anymore. Sit around the table with your family and be as CREATIVE as you want! On the piece of paper, you will randomly place dots of paint, then rub your comb through the paint gently to create your image. There are no rules and no limits to this activity. Just use pain and a comb. You can do something random or create an object. There are pictures attached to show examples.

I am CURIOUS to see how you CHALLENGED yourself and what youre CREATION looks like??? Please Share!


Please Access for more links, videos, and art projects.

I hope you have a great weekend!! Please share what you liked best and what you would like me to change for next time. If you have a fun idea, please let me know so that I can incorporate them into another fun activity for your family!

(BELOW are 2 Fun 30 Day Art Challenges for your Family). Thank you for your participation,
Ms. Mandi

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