Wednesday, September 2, 2020

PAWsitive YOGA for Kids! Weekly Wellness and Mindfulness from the Morgan...

Week 13 (original broadcast for Sept 2): School Therapist, Mrs. Lacee Kidwell, and her PAWsome YOGA assistant, tiny Alanah, lead this beginners YOGA class with basic poses, stretches, and moves to promote health, wellness, and mindfulness skills. Super easy poses include Mountain, Blown Palm (my favorite), Tree, Mountain, Ragdoll, Downward Dog, Butterfly, Peacock (NEW!), Seated Side Bend, Cat, Cow, Rock, and Cobra. Plus warm up with the "Marching Fingers". Close listening to Mrs. Kidwell's guided relaxation, "Nature Sanctuary".
Excellent instruction for all ages; watch with your kids, ask friends to join you, or just follow with Mrs. Kidwell. Presented weekly by the Morgan County Partnership's Positive programming, follow here:
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