Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Value Vlog Vednesday with a CHALLENGE, March 4, 2020 & "Where in Morgan County Are Positive Actions?"

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I am so excited to be back for Positive Actions today, March 4, 2020!  On Wednesdays, we will be examining Value Video Vednesdays when we will take a look at positive values to help us grow into a caring community of students in Morgan County Schools. 

Today's video takes a look at a students who are positive when they rise to a CHALLENGE.  Challenges are hard and take more work, right?  But when we make a change or discovery, a CHALLENGE can bring about positive changes to our success.  Being OPTIMISTIC, or POSITIVE, when faced with something hard, like a challenge, is a positive action.

Watch today's VALUE VIDEO VEDNESDAY, and talk about who is taking on a CHALLNEGE!  Next, see a place in Morgan County. Watch today's VALUE VIDEO VEDNESDAY! Then, stay tuned for the "final 30" seconds and see if YOU know: 
"Where in Morgan County Are PAWsitive Actions?"

Did you know "Where in Morgan County?" Mrs Sheima and Mrs. Hott are today????  If you do, just...
* get a scrap of paper, (or ask for help if you need it)
* write down your name, your teacher, and your guess, then, (again, ask for help if you need it)
* take your answer to the Positive Action mailbox, or globe, at your school, or comment, or email
for a chance to win a Morgan County Partnership free t-shirt!

LOOK!  Let's be PAWsitive Partners to others for 2020 by doing Positive Actions.  Here are some great ideas:

Today, Mrs. Hott wants you to do a Positive Action too!  Try it! 

Morgan County Scholar who take a 
can change the world!

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