Friday, December 13, 2019

MoTo Mondays - Dec. 16, 2019

...where ALL students are UNIQUE and Wonderfully Made!

Mrs. Hott and Mrs. Sheima are SUPER excited to share Positive Actions with Morgan County students because today, and each Monday, is when we "motor-up" YOUR school week and get ready for more PAWsome days of learning and growing... 
"MOTO Monday!"    
or, "Motovation Monday" where we will see a vlog to get our week "motored-up" with positive thoughts, actions, and feelings!

What "GIFT" will these Boys and Girls Club students choose for someone they love?.....Watch this:

Our PAWsitive Action "word of the week"is:  gift
And in Spanish:  regalo
Try to say "regalo"! 
(TRY THIS LINK FOR THE SPANISH PRONOUNCIATION, and click the speaker icon to hear in Spanish): 
Pronunciation "regalo" in Spanish

For Positive Actions, we are learning about wonderful words that build our Social and Emotional Wellness to help us all get along (at home, school, and in the community), raise our student assets, build confidence, and improve our academics! 

GIFT A gift is....something given willingly without expectation of return payment or item.  A gift is also a natural ability.  Our Positive Actions, like kindness, caring and love, are gifts we can share!

In January, we will learn more about POSITIVE character values, physical and intellectual wellness for our body and brain.  On the vlogcast this week, we will see features for a well community coming together for hometown holidays, meet a spectacular student training to run a 5K for Downs babies, see a girl send a GIFT to the moon, watch a dad share a holiday traditional "GIFT" with his dad and son, and finally, meet a friend from the local Emergency Room, Dr. "Mac", whose GIFT is "helping others".  

REMINDER:  Mrs. Hott and Mrs. Sheima will be filming new content for 2020!  We both will not be in your classrooms but are super excited about some fun new vlogs coming soon!

Look at this!  Thank you to Colin Woods!  At MCAfter3, he suggested adding these creative and unique creations from WSIS to our "Deck the Meter"..... here it is!

Positive Actions appear in our schools this year and begins today on a journey together to discover that starting with positive thoughts, we can choose positive actions, and help us to gain positive feelings!  Take a look at our logo:

Get Ready for a POSITIVE school day...filled with super scholars with PHYSICAL, INTELLECTUAL, & EMOTIONAL WELLNESS

On your feet, push in your chair, find a safe space, it's time to sing the 
Positive Action Theme Song!

Morgan County Scholars
are each a GIFT and 
can change the world!

NEwS FLASH:  Coming soon....the 
"12 Days of Read-A-Longs!" over your 
"12 Days of Christmas" Break!


YES!!! Go DO it!

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