Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Value Vlog Vednesdays - DREAMS - on Dec. 4, 2019

...where ALL students are UNIQUE and Wonderfully Made!


I am so excited to be back for Positive Actions today, Dec. 4, 2019!  On Wednesdays, we will be examining Value Video Vednesdays when we will take a look at positive values to help us grow into a caring school community of students in Morgan County schools.  

Watch today's VALUE VIDEO VEDNESDAY, and talk about who illustrates positive actions when they say work hard to accompish and achieve their DREAMS,  then, stay tuned for the "final 30" seconds and see if YOU know: 

"Where in Morgan County Are PAWsitive Actions?"

Did you know "Where in Morgan County?" Mrs Sheima and Mrs. Hott are today????  If you do, just...
* get a scrap of paper, (or ask for help if you need it)
* write down your name, your teacher, and your guess, then, (again, ask for help if you need it)
* take your answer to the Positive Action mailbox, or globe, at your school, or comment, or email
for a chance to win a Morgan County Partership free t-shirt!

NEXT: Let's talk about the Value Vlog Vednesday now.  
Were you surprised?  Why?

Discuss who showed a Positive Thought?

Who shows a Positive Action?

What is the Positive Feeling you have when you see this video?

Now, think of a person who you know had a DREAM about what they wanted to be, worked hard to become better at something, and eventually tried something new. What did he/she do? 

Today, Mrs. Hott wants you to do a Positive Action too!  Try it! 

MoCo Scholars that DREAM

can change the world!


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