Wednesday, September 12, 2018

PURPOSE for Sept. 13, 2018 - Raising the Roof....

on student assets!  
Where ALL students are UNIQUE and WONDERFULLY MADE!

Today is Raising Student Assets Thursday!

I am so excited to be back for Positive Actions today, Sept. 13th! As we continue to improve our positive thoughts, actions and feelings, today we will take a look at raising student assets and a super important positive action word:


Tell your teacher what you think the word "PURPOSE" means.
"the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists"

Purpose.  What does "purpose" look like?  Watch this video:

This stirring anthem from Garth Brooks combined with poignant images from around our planet encourages, inspires and challenges each one of us to get involved with people’s needs both close to home and around the world. “Do Your Part” is a personal appeal to make a difference in our communities at a time of great need, which is also a time of opportunity. 

Each student in this school is unique, right?  That means that each one of YOU have a unique PURPOSE for your life.  And, by participating in Positive Actions, it helps us all to discover those positive thoughts, which leads to actions, and good feelings about why we are here and at school!

Think about a positive PURPOSE you have here at school and share this with your teacher. (to try our best, to help others) How can you "do your part" to have a great Community of Cougars?

Now, think about a positive PURPOSE for you when you are home with your family.  Do you help mom?  Care for pets?  How can you "do your part" to have positive feelings at home?

Finally, think about this:  What do I need to do in school to help me with whatever my PURPOSE is in the future?  (study, do homework, get along with others, follow the Cougar Ways....)

And remember, it is also important to know that here at Warm Springs Intermediate School, we all have positive PURPOSE for...


Cougars that "Do their Part" with a positive PURPOSE can change the world!

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