Friday, September 7, 2018

Makin' Music Mondays - Sept. 10, 2018

...where ALL students are UNIQUE and Wonderfully Made!

Welcome to Positive Actions Community Character Vlogs!  Today is Monday, September 10th.  Mrs. Hott is SUPER excited to share Positive Actions with Morgan County students because today, and each Monday, we will be having "Makin' Music Mondays!"  with a great school song called ...  (drum roll.....)


Did YOU know that "the way we think about ourselves controls how happy, healthy, and successful we will be"?  In Positive Actions this year, we will discover that we each have beautiful, unique characteristics that are all important and valuable to our Cougar Community here at school, and at home.

In our Positive Actions classroom time in the Cougar Den for this week, we will be talking about what it means to do Positive Actions, and how beginning with and sharing positive thoughts with others can cause good (or positive!) things to happen.

For today, we begin with Mrs. Hott's demo song for you called... (drum roll....are you ready?....)....


Bear with me, ok?  As you know, Mrs. Hott is not the best singer around, but we will sure have fun AND get to hear beautiful core values to help us be a Cougar Community.  Each Makin' Music Monday, your class will watch a vlog with "Mr. Cable's Cougar Creed" beginning today with just Mrs. Hott and Levi where we will get to learn the words.  Then, as the year progresses, you will see various community groups around Morgan  County joining us all in our chorus.  

So.... keep watching and see if maybe YOU recognize someone as the year goes by.  But, for today, well, it all begins from my home, to yours, with the demo song with Mrs. Hott and her son, Levi, helping out.  Check it out here:

Yay!  Thanks for listening!  And, if time today, play again and try to sing along....

Begin every day with Positive Actions:

Get Ready for a POSITIVE school week!

I will make today the best day ever.
I will be respectful, responsible, and safe.
I will help my fellow students and my school reach their goals.
I will focus on a positive future.

Cougars that are POSITIVE 
can change the world!

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