Thursday, August 16, 2018

Welcome to Positive Action

...where ALL students are UNIQUE and Wonderfully Made!

Today is August 20th!  The first day of school!!  

Our Morgan County Partnership with Mrs. Hott welcomes you back to school!  Positive Actions will appear in our school this year and begins today on a journey together to discover that starting with positive thoughts, we can choose positive actions, and help us to gain positive feelings!  Take a look at our logo:

And, to welcome you all, here is a message from Mrs. Hott to tell you more about this year's program about "paws"itive actions at home, school, and in our community!  

Did you see the beautiful stream of water behind Mrs. Hott?  Berkeley Springs is a unique community to live and grow up. And, just like that stream in the video is full of many drops of water, our school is also filled with unique and wonderfully made children.  When we add them all together, and mix in some positive acts of kindness, we've made a beautiful pool of water.  
Today, we will begin looking at my favorite value word:  Kindness.
Check out this cool picture:
(Teacher, please read to class:)
Every act of Kindness, no matter how small, creates a ripple out and reaches our community around us.  Whether we are home, at school, or somewhere in our community, being kind is a Positive Action that helps us, and others, feel good.
What is Kindness?
Think of an act of kindness YOU did this summer.  Got one?  Raise your hand and share this with your class.
Now, for Positive Actions today, our students at Warm Springs Intermediate School are going to begin to make our school a "Community of Cougars that Care!"  With just one act of begins with YOU!
What kind thing can you do today?

Get Ready for a POSITIVE school year...filled with Kindness!
Stand up everyone!  
Push in those chairs!
Let's sing along to MR. CABLE's COUGAR CREED!

Did you like that?  If you are in 3rd grade, you will get to learn this song with us too!  To close, keep standing, and let's all read together the Warm Springs Intermediate School's

I will make today the best day ever.
I will be respectful, responsible, and safe.
I will help my fellow students and my school reach their goals.
I will focus on a positive future.

Cougars that are KIND and SAFE
can change the world!

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