Thursday, August 30, 2018

Community Cougars...that CARE! Aug. 31, 2018

...where ALL students are UNIQUE and Wonderfully Made!

Today is FUN FRIDAY where we see that our community cares about the students at
Warm Springs Intermediate School

I am so excited to be back for Positive Actions today, August 31st!! Each Fun Friday in Positive Actions, we will meet a new friend in our community that cares about YOU!  


PAWsitive Actions has new content for this school year!  We will play something new called the "GOTCHA GAME"!  When YOU, or someone you know is caught doing a PAWsitive Action, I want to hear all about it and share that great news with our community!  

So, be looking for PAWsome PAWsitive Actions in YOUR home, school, and community; and, when you see it -- SHARE IT!  

Just ask your parent or guardian to record on their phone a quick cell phone message and email it to Mrs. Hott here:

When you do, guess what?!?  YOU will get a GOTCHA CAME CARD mounted in the school with your positive value word that looks like this:
And, Mr. Cable has a special PAWsome sticker, that looks like this:

We will collect YOUR PAWsome PAWsitive Actions, and make a "Cougar Footpath" across our school community.  Beginning today!..... Watch this:

Fun Friday features a special guest today who was a student in Morgan County Schools and recently moved away to go to college, Kat McLaughlin.  Guess what?  All over our communities at home, school, and even away, people are doing PAWsitive Actions!  Today's friend sent Mrs. Hott a message how she is RESPONSIBLE at her new school.  Have YOU seen a PAWsitive Action?  Have YOU been responsible this week?  Tell your teacher, and Mrs. Hott, all about it!  

Next, meet Ms. Joyce Spring! She is a Deputy Clerk at our Morgan County Courthouse! Here is today's video vlog from Mrs. Hott: 

Thank YOU Ms. Joyce for caring about our students at Warm Springs Intermediate!  What Positive Action did she say she does/did at her work?

Have YOU ever been to the Morgan County Court House?  It is full of great people in our community that care about students.  They do Positive Actions EVERY day!  And, when we choose Positive Actions, we are making a community that cares here at school!

Remember, it is a Positive Action to follow the Golden Rule because changing the world starts with one student at a time...and that is.....


(close with Golden Rule and sing along when ready!)

Look....a cool community Tailgate party coming to school!  Tell your families!  Free food!

WSIS Cougars that are RESPONSIBLE
can change the world!!!

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