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Video Vlog Vednesday, May 29, 2019

...where ALL students are UNIQUE and Wonderfully Made!


I am so excited to be back for Positive Actions today, May 29, 2019!  On Wednesdays, we will be examining Value Video Vednesdays when we will take a look at positive values to help us grow into a caring cougar community of students at Warm Springs Intermediate School.  

Today, we will re-visit a leader in our school family here at WSIS with a little story to share following our nations's Memorial Day Holiday.  Take a look at this beautiful and peaceful video.  One morning as Mrs. Hott was arriving for Positive Actions in the Cougar Den, I noticed the peaceful sun rising over our school filled with all of YOU inside getting ready to begin your day.  Out in front, was a special member of our school family, gently sharing the importance of our nation's flag with two students as he does quietly, each and every day of school.  THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE OUTSIDE WHEN ALL OUR WONDERFULLY MADE STUDENTS ARE AT SCHOOL...ISN'T IT BEAUTIFUL?

While in his caring guidance, he discusses the importance and symbolism of our beautiful flag for our great United States of America, a short time with children building relationships and love for community and country.  Check it out (and please, watch quietly so you, too, may hear the birds chirping outside our school and take in the peaceful ambiance of this significant moment):

Next, today's video takes a look at people who are positive when they try to ACHIEVE.  With our student community wrapping up the school year, taking standardized tests, and completing your school work for report cards, many of you may experience frustrations or feelings like "Why do we need to do all this work?" or "What's it all for anyway?"  

But by participating in such activities, whether it be a research project, school academics, creative groups like dance, theater, arts or cheering, to athletics like basketball to soccer, each step we take to explore our CURIOSITY help us to discover what we like and what we are good at doing.  Each of you have a unique gift or talent; and, being curious about the world around you is a POSITIVE ACTION!  So, as you are participating in activities that promote daily ACHIEVEMENTS, you are preparing to have a positive future.

Listen along to today's vlogcast, and see if you can recognize a future with Positive Actions, because when you BELIEVE and TRY to think, act, and feel POSITIVE, you can ACHIEVE goals like the vlog sings about.  Pretty PAWsome stuff like BEing

When we recognize and encourage ACHIEVEMENT in our world, we are making positive choices to become students with good moral and ethical qualities, helping us to achieve personal excellence.  And, we also have positive feelings when we ACHIEVE.

Watch today's VALUE VIDEO VEDNESDAY, and talk about who illustrates ACHIEVEMENT :

Let's talk about it.  Were you surprised?  Why?

Discuss who showed a Positive Thought?

Who shows a Positive Action?

What is the Positive Feeling you have when you see this video?

Now, think of a person who you know that has accomplished an ACHIEVEMENT. What did he/she do? 

Today, Mrs. Hott wants you to do a Positive Action too!  Imagine YOUR possibilities...Try it!  

can change the world!

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