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Talkin' Tuesdays - March 19, 2019

...where ALL students are UNIQUE and Wonderfully Made!

Today is TEACHER TALKIN TUESDAY where we see that our school family of teachers, staff, and administrators care 
about the students at
Warm Springs Intermediate School!

And, where we will take a Positive moment each week to 
"Talk It Out"
and discuss important student issues.

I am so excited to be back for Positive Actions today, March 19th!! 

OMEGA!!!  This week, we celebrate healthy brains!  Students that choose to eat foods good for their brain, like OMEGA-3, are doing PAWsitive Actions too!

To celebrate healthy and well brains this week, we will celebrate the PAWsome Positive Action word;
Choosing healthy foods is a positive action 
that helps us feel great!  Nix the six, Eat the OMEGA-3 to help your brain develop healthy!
Try some tasty salmon!

For each "Teacher Talkin' Tuesday" in Positive Actions, we will meet and celebrate those in our school community doing PAWsitive Actions!  Today as we celebrate BRAIN Wellness, here are those PAWsome students in the Sardine Club parading the OMEGA-3 message at this year's Apple Butter Parade.  Check out this video:

That was "PAW"some!  

YOUR student assets are what will help you succeed here at school and as you grow up.  When we learn more about our teachers and staff, it helps to create a caring school climate, which is an essential external developmental asset. 

So, guess what that means?!  Your teachers also want to learn more about YOU too!  For Positive Actions each Tuesday, you will have the opportunity to share something new about yourself with your teacher and classmates.  It is "Talk It Out Time!"  Each week, we will share one brand spanking new thing about our selves.

Here is what Mrs. Hott wants you to do each week.  I will give you a completely different topic, and you will share with your teacher and friends something brand new or unknown about yourself!  Just watch the discoveries...we may find that someone in our class we don't know very well may have something in common with us!  Or, we may be completely and crazily different.  And, guess what?!...That is OK!  It is a Positive Action to learn about our community's likes and respect each other's differences.

So, for today's "Talk It Out," are you ready?  Here is our discovery question:

"What was your worst accident or, 
your biggest boo boo?"

Wait, that's not so hard, right?  But once you have remembered what your worst accident or biggest boo boo was, I want you to also include WHY it was your worst accident, what happened?

I'll go first.  Hi!  My name is Mrs. Hott.  My worst accident happened to me when I was in the third grade.  I was riding a horse when we walked over a yellow jacket's nest in the ground.  Well, the bees got angry, flew out, and STUNG the horse I was on.  The, the horse got angry at the bees that were stinging him.  Then the horse got angry because I was riding him.  Next, he started bucking like crazy and threw me off through the air!  

I landed on a rock and knocked my front tooth out.  It was the worst boo boo I've ever had.  And see.....?  I still am missing that front tooth!
I ended up needing braces TWO times!

Pretty awesome, right?  Now, it's YOUR turn!  When you are ready to share, raise your hand then tell us YOUR favorite bedtime and why!   Let's discover...

That was awesome too!  You ALL just did a positive action by sharing something about yourself.  It is positive because it helps us to better understand each other. 

To close, we will finish Talkin Tuesdays with a chance for you to share something important with your teacher.  Is there something you feel like "if my teacher only knew...." it would help her/him understand you better?  What is new this week you can tell your teacher?  For example, if my teacher knew how hard I tried or I really did do my best on our spelling words, you may feel more positive!  Or, if my teacher only knew why I was late again, maybe she/he can help me, etc.

In your Positive Action folder, you will find a Talk It Out Tuesday page.  Here, write one thing down you wish your teacher knew about your week.  Sometimes it helps to get our thoughts together when we write it down.  And, if you need to talk later, just ask your teacher, parent, friend, or even Mrs. Hott by saying "May I please share a "talk it out" with you?"

Remember, sometimes our negative thoughts can turn positive just by telling or sharing with another person!  It is a Positive Action to "peacefully resolve our conflicts" too with others at home, school, and our community.  "Talking it out" starts with one student at a time...and that is.....


WSIS Cougars who talk it out 
can change the world!

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