Saturday, February 9, 2019

Makin' Music Mondays - Feb. 11, 2019

...where ALL students are UNIQUE and Wonderfully Made!

Welcome to Positive Actions Community Character Vlogcasts!  Today is Monday, February 11, 2019!!! 

Mrs. Hott is SUPER excited to share Positive Actions with Morgan County students because today, and each Monday, is "Makin' Music Mondays!" where we celebrate in song our "PAW"some school!

CLASSROOM CHALLENGE!!! -- Ok Cougar Family, here we go!!!  Send me a selfie of your entire class with books!  Gather your photo friendly kiddos together, either each holding a book OR with your teacher reading to your class.  Snap a picture on your cell....serious or silly! Text to Mrs. Hott at 304-582-8696!  For each classroom photo that participates, the Morgan County Partnership has a surprise!  I will bring to the Cougar Den this week.  Sheima and I will be making the video on Tuesday. Reading for fun boosts our CREATIVITY and Raises Student Assets!  Remember what Jack said.....
"What matters most is what's INSIDE," so,...
"the cover is NOT the book, 
let's OPEN it up and take a look!"

Do YOU know that "the way we think about ourselves controls how happy, healthy, and successful we will be"?  In Positive Actions this year, we are discovering that we each have beautiful, unique characteristics that are all important and valuable to our Cougar Community, here, at school, and at home.

This week for your morning "community character vlogcasts," you will see our awesome staff - Ms. Cain, Ms. Betty, and Ms. McCumbee!   Also, we will watch and learn how to FORGIVE and SOLVE PROBLEMS using Positive Actions.  You will also follow along with some super crazy CHICKENS singing about SAFETY! (Yes, I said chickens)!  And finally, Fun Friday takes us this week to State Farm Insurance with super friendly, Mr. Jay Redick!

In the Cougar Den, we will continue to focus on Positive Actions for our INTELLECTUAL WELLNESS, reviewing that great value word, CURIOSITY and building BRAIN wellness with CREATIVITY.  Mrs. Hott is bringing a bucket of Levi's Legos to the Cougar Den to see what our super creative cougars will!  Get ready for an exciting team challenge!  Exercises for our brain to boost intellectual wellness helps us all with social behaviors and academic achievement!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Stay tuned this week for a PAWsome "Gotcha" Video Vlogcast where you will see our caring community that READS!  Remember, if YOU want to add a selfie of yourself reading a book, just email/text Mrs. Hott at OR 304-582-8696.  We will include YOUR positive reading post with our school family and community raising assets with READING!

Now, for today's vlogcast, join our caring community!  Our teachers and/or students are invited to strum-along with their ukulele or air instruments and jam with your school community and sing loudly to Mr. Cable's Cougar Creed....

...and please, sing louder than Mrs. Hott. 

I can be kind
And caring too
For others and for me
It’s the right thing to do
I know that my home, school, and community
Have people who care about me

I know I am unique
There’s only one like me
Filled with valuable qualities
I’m made wonderfully

When I get up for school
I think of that Golden Rule
Treating others just and fair
Will show students I care

Be nice, be kind, be strong
We all want to get along
To make today the best
To all, I show respect

Positive Actions, I will choose
Helping others and my school
Get us all to reach our goals
With safe, responsible roles

We are all Cougars that Care
At school, at home, and play
Students can change the world
Beginning with today

Yay!  You ALL sound "PAW"some!!!  Did you sing louder than Mrs. Hott?  Great job!  Thanks for joining in and singing "Mr. Cable's Cougar Creed"! Was that fun?  If time, try to sing again...just fast forward pass the intro and sing-along.

Begin every day with Positive Actions:

Get Ready for a POSITIVE school week! 

Cougars that are POSITIVE
can change the world!

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