Thursday, March 8, 2018

How to Disagree - Raising the Roof...

...on student assets!  
Where ALL students are UNIQUE and WONDERFULLY MADE!

Today is Raising Student Assets Thursday!

I am so excited to be back for Positive Actions today, March 8th! As we continue to improve our positive thoughts, actions and feelings, today we will take a look at raising student assets and a super important positive action word:


Tell your teacher what you think the word "DISAGREE" means. 
"to have or or express a different opinion"

DISAGREE.  What does "DISAGREEMENT" look like?  Sometimes it!  But, when we take a look at what Kid President has to say, maybe....just maybe we can learn "how to disagree" using Positive Actions...  Teachers, please pause and discuss important steps on HOW TO DISAGREE.  Watch this video:

That was my favorite thing Kid President said about "How to Disagree."  What was yours?
Let's review so we can follow and share Kid President's steps!  If needed, rewind, rethink, and re-talk!
1) It's our Golden Rule:  Treat people like they're people!
3) Pause, Breathe, LOVE
4) Are you stuck?  Distract.  What does this mean?
5) Acceptance
(discuss video, engage students in what Kid President suggests)

And remember, it is also important to know that here at Warm Springs Intermediate School, we are all part of a "cougar community" where positive actions start with...


Cougars that know HOW TO DISAGREE  
can change the world!

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